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"I was hoping to put on record the excellent care I received at the Lister last Saturday, and also wanted to thank those involved. Sadly, I needed to have a second ERPC to remove products retained after a first procedure over 4 weeks ago - this unfortunately followed 2 rounds of IVF. Since that time, continued bleeding was a constant reminder that I was not recovering, and further, the discovery last week that a second operation would be required was traumatic news. Last Friday I contacted Hugh Byrne's practice manager, Val, who was immediately in touch with Hugh to answer questions and schedule the procedure for the following day. I later realised it must have been passed Val's working hours, but she hadn't mentioned it - and stayed in touch with me until I had made a decision. The procedure went as smoothly as you could hope for. My anaesthetist Peter Saunders put me at complete ease, and I can assure you - I have never felt stronger and so well after coming round from GA. Regular checks from the ward nurse and a prompt lunch certainly helped. Hugh Byrne was extremely easy to talk to, very reassuring and caring, and had the good sense to show me a scan of my clear uterus following the procedure. As problems were found at 7 weeks in the pregnancy, it had been two months of worry, stress and deep upset. The scan image was the first sight of recovery, and has since given me the strength to get both physically and emotionally well again. Thank you"